Spectaculicious Combo

Order our complete 6 flavours for the price of 5 pints! Save $16!

Have a mini gathering or just order it for the weekend family gathering and get everyone to try the different flavours and vote for the best! Be assured there will be a flavour that someone will like.. be it the low-sugar low fat banana passionfuit sorbet or the blueberry yoghurt, or Belgium Chocolate, a hot fav with adults and kids...other flavours in the pack include Strawberry Cheesecake, French Vanilla and Rocher.

Jabez Chia
August 07, 2014

Out of the six flavours, the Vanilla and Banana Passionfruit were the least popular. We have more than 50% remainder for these two flavours. There was no leftover for the other four. So, to make the Starter Pack more attractive, perhaps could consider a substitution of Coffee and Mint Choco Chip. Thank you!

Clare Tan
July 05, 2014

All 6 flavours taste amazing! My son dislikes eating cranberries, but he likes the cranberry yoghurt gelato! The starter pack also comes with ice-cream cups and spoons, which is great especially if you have children around.