Flavour highlights

We have more than 50 exciting flavour offerings, from the exotic to the fun-loving. Listed below are some highlights. Do contact us for more information especially for your parties and events.*

bulletconeBelgian Chocolate - rich flavours of dark chocolate.    

​​bulletconeBlack sesame - roasted intense black sesame.   

​​bulletconeBlueberry Yoghurt - yoghurt with tangy blueberries swirls.   

bulletconeCaramel Walnut - toasted walnuts set in caramel gelato.   

​​bulletconeCoconut - tropical fresh coconut gelato.   

​​bulletconeCookies & Cream - cookies gelato with more chunks of cookies.   

bulletconeCotton Candy - pink candy floss gelato.   

bulletconeDurian - luscious and pungently delightful.   

bulletconeFrench Vanilla - rich custard based steeped with vanilla pods.   

bulletconeGreen Tea - austere and pure taste of green tea.   

bulletconeHazelnut -smooth and creamy roasted hazelnuts.   

bulletconeMocha Jive - coffee chocolate with a crunch.   

bulletconeMango Lassi - mango yoghurt blended dessert.   

bulletconePeanut Butter Special - peanut butter with caramel and chocolate swirls.   

bulletconeRocher - chocolate hazelnut gelato with nut crunchies.   

bulletconeSalted Caramel - caramel in salt blended bliss.   

bulletconeSoyabean - the frozen version of soyabean the drink.   

bulletconeStracciatella - chocolate chip in creamy gelato.   

bulletconeStrawberry - classic plain old strawberry gelato, real strawberries.   

bulletconeStrawberry Cheesecake - cheesecake gelato with strawberry swirls.   

bulletconeTiramisu - Italian favourite of coffee and mascarpone cheese.   

bulletconeYam - cool uber yam.   

bulletconeHoney Yoghurt - yoghurt with sweet honey swirls.   

Sorbet - diary and fat free

bulletconeBanana Passionfruit - tangy passionfruit sweetened with ripe bananas.    

bulletconeForest berries - choice berries harvest.    

bulletconeLemon - zesty refreshing lemon.    

bulletconeLychee - frozen lychees for all seasons.    

bulletconeMango - refreshing smoothie mango.    

bulletconeRaspberry - tangy & invigorating raspberry.    

bulletconeSour Plum - sourness tempered with sweet plums.    

bulletconeSoursop - pure fruity soursop.    

bulletconeWatermelon - thirst quenching ripe melons.    

Designer gelato - the added value gelato

bulletconeKiwi & Wheatgrass sorbet - intense greens escapade.    

bulletconeMoroccan Mint Tea - minty green tea of freshness.    

bulletconeOMango - mango with an omega3 twist.    

bulletconeL'Banana - go low GI on bananas .    

* Please note that we have a limited but unique offering for our pint orders but will keep improving the offerings based on your continuous feedback.