General FAQ

QUESTION: Do I need to be a member to place an order?

ANSWER: Yes, at this point of time, you do need to be a member in order to place your orders. Essentially, we need your basic information to process your order and being a member means we store the information so you need to only enter once (unless you change the delivery address). On top of that, being a member allows us to track your membership reward points so you can use them to purchase our gelato and other items in the product offering.


QUESTION: Can my family share one membership?

ANSWER: There is no stopping a family or neighbours from sharing a membership account. In fact, by combining the quantities ordered, you may take advantage on economics of scale to get a better pricing. Of course, you will have to manage the use of the reward points or how to distribute the novelties or free gelato, if any.


QUESTION: What's your advice for ordering for an event such as my daughter's birthday?

ANSWER: If your event is on a Saturday, do try to plan a week ahead and do the ordering on a Monday or Tuesday. That would give you time to select the flavours and also give us time to prepare the gelato. Gelato should be delivered at least a day or two before actual event. This will allow time for the gelato to freeze well to ensure everyone has a good and enjoyable time.


QUESTION:  How long can we keep the gelato?

ANSWER: As we do incorporate fresh ingredients into the gelato, we recommend that you consume the gelato within three months.


QUESTION: What is the expiry of my membership reward points?

ANSWER: At this point, we have not set the expiry of the membership points so that you can continue to enjoy our gelato and have a long term relationship with us. This is subject to changes and this information will be announced and posted on our website.

We do encourage that you use the points along the way to purchase gelato and accessories so that you can get better value in your purchases. While the standard guideline is that you can pay for  20% of your purchases using points, we will have special offers that may extend beyond the 20% limit. So, do stay tuned to our announcements on facebook by liking our page.  


QUESTION: Why is it that we cannot have as many flavours for pint-sized orders as the party pack?

ANSWER:  Although we make our gelato in small batches to ensure they are always fresh, we do have a minimum quantity for production. As such, we have to limit the pint-sized offerings. However, we will continue to enhance the pint-sized offerings with your continuous feedback. We will, from time to time, introduce new flavours for occasions and if the response is good, we may include them in the standard product list.


QUESTION: What’s the No Sugar Added (NSA) Series?

ANSWER:  Papitto’s No-Sugar-Added Series uses the natural sweetness from the fruits and ingredients and does not have any added sugar. Where there is need to sweeten the gelato or sorbet, we will use sweeteners such as Maltitol and Treasure Drop.

Even though no sugar is added, we do caution against over indulgence as some fruits are still sweet e.g. Our Durian NSA uses real durian fruit meat and as such does contain some amount of natural fruit sugar. But then again, what’s durian gelato without durian right?


QUESTION: What’s the Difference between Papitto Gelato and Ice Cream?

ANSWER:  Papitto started in June 2005 to provide high quality and freshly made gelato to businesses from our HACCP certified factory in Singapore. It has since grown to be established in the niche area of providing customized gourmet gelato, ice cream and sorbet to hotels, restaurants and cafes.

Papitto gelato is healthier as it is a lower fat gourmet ice cream at about 7% fat for creamy flavours, as compared to 12% fat and above for premium ice cream in general. Our products are freshly made in Singapore with premium ingredients sourced locally and from overseas suppliers.


QUESTION: What’s Low Glycemic Index?

ANSWER:  The glycemic index (GI) is a number associated with a particular type of food that indicates the food's effect on a person's blood glucose. Foods with carbohydrates that break down quickly during digestion and release glucose rapidly into the bloodstream tend to have a high GI; foods with carbohydrates that break down more slowly, tend to have a low GI. Papitto has low GI gelato that is diabetic-friendly and is also suitable for those who are watching their diets.