Gelato History

Gelato is freshly made Italian ice cream with over 400 years of tradition, dating back to the 1500s.  Gelato is considered one of Italian key culinary heritage, together with pasta and expresso. 

One of the earliest records of ice cream comes from China during the Tang Dynasty of a refreshing iced delicacy.    Ideas of this tempting dessert then travelled to India and Persia, and finally arriving in Sicily with the Arabs.  The Roman emperor Nero was known to have productively employed slaves to transport snow from the mountains which was enjoyed with honey and fruits mixed in.  Other accounts have it that Marco Polo having managed to reach China, brought the recipes back to Italy where the recipes were further refined in the Medici courts forming the basis of modern gelato.  Gelato was subsequently featured in an international royal wedding, and the gelato recipes were then introduced to other countries.  

Typically lower in fat than ice cream, Papitto gelato is 6-7% in fat with sorbets below 1% in fat content.    We also carry a range of no sugar added which are suitable for those who prefer their desserts without the sugar.