Company Profile


Papitto started in June 2005 to provide high quality and freshly made gelato to businesses from our HACCP certified factory in Singapore.  Papitto has since grown to be established in the niche area of providing customized gourmet gelato, ice cream and sorbet to hotels, restaurants and cafes.


Gelato is freshly made Italian ice cream with over 400 years of tradition.  Where needed, traditional Italian gelato recipes are further customised to local preferences while maintaining the highest standards in taste and quality.  With over fifty flavours on the list, unique flavours based on Asian favourites are also constantly being developed.  Papitto gelato is also healthier as it is a lower fat gourmet ice cream at about 7% fat for creamy flavours, as compared to 12% fat and above for premium ice cream. 

Our products are freshly made locally with premium ingredients sourced globally.


Papitto remains active in product development in order to stay relevant and fresh.   Innovation also enables us to constantly improve and expand on our products to benefit from the latest advances in nutritional science and technology. 

Papitto has collaborated with research institutions in functional ice cream.  Various development from this has been featured in media.  One of our first successful product is OMango©, an mango ice cream incorporating omega3.  OMango© is certified as a Healthier Choice product by the Health Promotion Board as a low fat and low sugar dessert.  We have also certified low GI product options as well as no sugar added product range suitable for customers with specific dietary requirements.